Soci111–power point | Social Science homework help

Power Point Final Submission:

The final part of the group project is the actual power point presentation.
You should create at least 30 slides for the final power point.
In the power point, you will want to make sure you include the theoretical perspectives, and both the classic and contemporary sociological theorists.
You should include research methods in your presentation as well.
You will want to trace the early history of sociology up to at least the latter half of the twentieth century, although you can go all the way up to current sociology in the early twenty-first century.
All sources should be listed on the final slide(s) in the power point, formatted for a bibliography.
The final power point will be submitted through the Power Point Project Final Submission Assignment in Module 12.

Refer to the Power Point Project Rubric in the Course Resources tab for further information on grading requirements.