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Reflection Journal

One of the most effective ways we can understand what it is we know, what we have learned, and what we still need to know is through reflective writing. While reflective writing is not, by definition, technical writing, this weekly exercise should help you to better assess your progress through the course and course concepts.

Journal Topics: Teamwork Models and Teamwork Style Assessment

This journal has two parts and the foundations for your discussion are the readings and videos on teamwork and the team work quiz you took this week.

·  Managing team performance. (2012). Training Journal, 32–36.

·  Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Bruce Tuckman’s Team Stages Model Explained. (2014, November 10). MindTools Videos.

·  Avengers-Tuckman Team Development & Belbin Team Roles. (2012, September 9). North Birmingham VTS.

·  Ochman, H. (2017, March 29). What Kind Of Team Player Are You In The Workplace?

Part I:

Choose two theories/models of teamwork presented in the articles and/or videos that appeal to you.

·  Summarize the two theories you chose and credit the sources you used.

·  Be specific as to why you chose the theories. Why did they appeal to you? 

Part II: 

Take the teamwork quiz.

·  Did you find that the assessment is aligned with evaluation of your teamwork style?  .

·  Why or why not?

General Requirements

·  Between 250 and 350 words in length.

·  Respond to all prompts in the instructions.

·  Use information from the readings or videos to support your ideas and credit (identify) the source(s) used.

·  Proofread to eliminate technical errors (e.g. spelling, grammar, punctuation).