10.23 a newspaper article discussed the opening of a whole foods

     10.23   A newspaper article discussed the opening of a Whole Foods Market in the   Time-Warner building in New York City. The following data (stored in the file   Wholefoods1) compared the prices of some kitchen staples at the new Whole   Foods Market and at the Fairway supermarket located about 15 blocks from the   Time-Warner building: a. At the 0.01 level of significance, is there evidence   that the mean price is higher at Whole Foods Market than at the Fairway   supermarket? b. Interpret the meaning of the p-value in (a). WHOLEFOODS1 Item   Whole Foods Fairway Half-gallon milk 2.19 1.35 Dozen eggs 2.39 1.69 Tropicana   orange juice (64 oz.) 2.00 2.49 Head of Boston lettuce 1.98 1.29 Ground round   1lb. 4.99 3.69 Bumble Bee tuna 6 oz. can 1.79 1.33 Granny Smith apples (1   lb.) 1.69 1.49 Box DeCecco linguini 1.99 1.59 Salmon steak 1 lb. 7.99 5.99   Whole chicken per pound 2.19 1.49